Frequently Asked Questions

What is a contributor?

A contributor is someone who may work with, for or around your program or club and you would like them to add information or contribute into the primary users account.

Does a contributor have to be an assistant coach?

No. A contributor can be anyone who you would like to add confidential information to your account. They could be a secretary, a director of operations or a personal assistant. Some people even choose to add themselves as a contributor so they can submit information from another email address.

How many contributors can I have? Am I limited?

You are limited to how many contributors you can have depending on your subscription level. Currently, you are allowed (1) contributor for the silver package, and up to (3) for the gold package.

Can a contributor access my account?

No. A contributor to your program has no access to your individual account. Contributors help you with your overall documentation by providing first-hand accounts to conversations or encounters they may have that will impact your program or your department. They can also help you preserve important text messages or screen shots that they may have in their possession. Once a contributor sends the account holder information it is then up to the account holder as to what they may want to do with it. They may want to add additional information or file the information in a certain way. Or in some cases simply delete it if the information is not relevant for their program.

I added a contributor. Why haven’t they received an invite email from me?

Typically it only takes a few minutes for a docUssist ‘contributor’ to receive their invitation email from you. If it still does not arrive, ask your contributor to try a different browser to open their email in or to clear their ‘cookies’. Chrome is our preferred search engine. This change usually allows the invitation to get thru.

Why won’t the system let me add a 4th contributor to my management page?

Remember, contributors are capped per subscription level. (1) contributor for the silver package and up to (3) for the gold level package.

If I need more contributors can I upgrade or switch plans at any time?

Currently, if you are needing more than the (1) contributor that goes with our introductory plan, you can always upgrade by simply going to the Management section's Storage tab. Click "Get More Slots" on the Assigned Users card on the left. If you are needing fewer contributors, give our support line a call and we will help you switch plans to something more appropriate.

Can my athletic department pay for my subscription or reimburse me for it?

Yes. Administrators and coaches alike know that thorough and accurate documentation is the best protection for everyone associated with an athletic department or club sports team. Keep in mind that subscriptions that are owned or paid for through your program or department resources may legally be property of your university. Your employer may have a policy in place regarding access to your account or if you must provide them with a password upon request. In the event that you change employers, you may no longer have access to important documentation that is relevant throughout the life of your career and not just at that particular school.

What happens if I get out of coaching for a few years?

We get it. Things happen. But once a coach always a coach, right? If you feel you won’t be coaching for an extended break but want to preserve your account and all the information you have put in it. Give us a call. We are happy to work with you to put your account in maintenance mode until it’s time to lace up the shoes again.

What is the difference in subscriptions?

The biggest difference between our docUssist subscriptions is storage and the number of 'contributors' available to an account holder. Our Silver plan offers a account holder 2 GB's of storage and (1) contributor. This is a special introductary rate for docUssist coaches who may not have large staffs but want to decide for themslves if there is value to having a contributor attached to their plan. Our Gold package proveds 5 GB's of storgae and up to (3) contributors per account.

Can I save text messages easily with a docUssist subscription.

We thought you would never ask. YES! No more worrying about losing important text messages or screen shots. There are multiple ways to get your text messages into your docUssist account- all of them simple, fast and easy!

Why document?

If you are like most coaches you are probably documenting already. Perhaps using pen and paper or a microsoft word document. While this is a great start, it is difficult to keep this form of documentation organized and to have it available quickly when you need it. With docUssist coaches can easily maintain great records of interactions that go with running an athletic program. Retain not only important emails and files but preserve text messages and social media screenshots. While you're at it, don't forget to maintain files of all the GREAT things you are doing as a coach to promote not only your own program but your athletic deparment as well.

I travel a lot. Can I document just by talking?

Glad you asked. Yes! Our docUssist app is mobile friendly so simply open up a "new incident" on your app and dictate your information through 'talk to text' technology. You can go back in at a later time to add relevant tags, categories and people if necessary.

Ok, I signed up and picked my subscription. Now what?

Once you sign-up you will receive an email within a few minutes in the in-box of whatever email you used to sign up with. In rare instances the email may end up in a 'promotions' folder such as in gmail or even your spam account. Once you receive your docUssist email you will be directed to an account link which will allow you to set a new password and login. Once into the system, it's best to start in the Management section of your program to add people into your account. For a video tutoriail on how to set up this section visit OR contact us by emailing us at

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