It's athletic documentation for a digital world.

Here's how it works:





Manage users and permissions with just a few clicks.


Create and file incidents, positive and negative, to your system.


File under multiple categories (tags), departments, or individual personnel, parent or player files. 


Include relevant emails, social media posts or newspaper articles.

Simply fill in the fields requested and follow along as docUssist guides you step-by-step through the documentation process. 


Tired of text messages and screen shots filling up your phone?

Get emails and texts out of your in-box by sending them to your personal docUssist account.


Tag them by person or department to provide context as to why they matter.   


Easily add categories for simple and fast searches when you need the information in a hurry.

Search for ANYTHING. No, really. we mean it.



Quickly and easily find an incident with our advanced search filters.


Search by personnel, roster, department and category. 


Search for all the positive information on you as a coach with just a few clicks

Is your information a text message or phone call?  docUssist  allows you to find files you created at previous schools or universities. Even the passing of time doesn't keep us from protecting you and your past employers.


Easily export information to a PDF to provide to:


submit to university appeal committees

school boards and booster clubs

meeting preparation for staff or team

docUssist allows you to create quick, professional reports when you need them.  Walk into a meeting with your sport supervisor, staff, parent or player and have everything you need.

And that's not all... we knew these things were important, too:


Anywhere.  Anytime.  On any device.  We know you're busy.  When you've got the time.  We'll be ready!


We got you're back, AND your back-up! Safe & dependable storage.

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